You can use the following links to download the products. Each product will install in evaluation mode, which provides full functionality for a limited period of time. Please see the Ordering page for information on how to purchase permanent licenses to the products. We release updates regularly, so come back for the latest version.

When downloading with some browsers, you may get a warning stating that Model Guardian is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer. You can ignore the warning and continue with the download. Add-ins for Enterprise Architect are not on in the mainstream population of downloads. You can learn about Internet Explorer's SmartScreen Filter here.

The Model Guardian products use ANSI SQL statements in their processing. They have been certified to work with the native EAP files and with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and above. Please let us know if you are using another repository type and are experiencing errors.

Model Guardian Evaluation Edition

You can download the 20 page Model Guardian Features Guide here.

You can download a free, full featured, 30-day trial edtion of Model Guardian. Please refer to the download instructions here.

Download v8 Trial Edition here

Release Date: May 7, 2017

Major Change to Model Guardian in V7

One major change for version 7 is that the Profile Editor has been separated from the MG Runtime with the following effects.

  • You now start the Profile Editor from the Start menu. After Model Guardian has been installed, you will have to select ‘All Programs’ on the Start Menu. You can pin it to your Start Menu or the Task Bar.
  • The Profile Editor runs independently of Enterprise Architect. It no longer interacts with Enterprise Architect. That is left to the MG Runtime which starts up with Enterprise Architect. The Profile Editor is only used to maintain your profile. This means that it does not have to be closed and reopened when testing changes to your profile.
  • Since the Profile Editor does not interact with Enterprise Architect, it does not need to know what role(s) you have. You use it to assign the roles, but the Profile Editor does not act on this information. Therefore, you are no longer asked what role you want to assume when starting the Profile Editor.
  • Tabbing now works in the Profile Editor since Enterprise Architect is not the parent window.
  • The Profile Editor always opens the WIP version of your profile.
  • The MG Runtime starts with Enterprise Architect as before.
  • As before, you need to close and reopen Enterprise Architect for it to see any changes you have made to your profile.
  • If you have the Profile Editor open when starting Enterprise Architect, you will be asked if you want to use the WIP version of the profile or the deployed version. This allows you to choose between testing your changes to the profile or doing production work with the version everyone else is using.
  • Currently, it is possible to open more than one instance of the Profile Editor. This should be avoided as it could result in lost data.

Model Guardian Help Documents

You can download the latest set of help documents here.

Unzip it into the Staging Location for the Help System field that you have entered in the Help System Setup dialog. This will allow you to edit and add to the help docs. Each folder that you create becomes a help topic category and the .RFT files under the folder are its topics.

When finished with your edits, click the Build Help Index button. You can then put the finished docs in a shared location (file or URL) so everyone automatically gets the same help docs. Put this location in the Shared Location for the Help System in the Help System Setup dialog. The locations will be saved I in the profile.

Sample Downloads

EA2 Enterprise Architecture Framework

This is a sample profile developed for enterprise architecture. You are free to use it for educational purposes or as a starting point for your own profile. Download it by right clicking on the link above.

MG Sample Model

You can download a ZIP file containing a sample model. Login to the model with a user name of Admin with a blank password.

Presentations and White Papers

You can download supporting information at the following links. For the best viewing, download Powerpoint presentations rather than viewing it in the browser.

Service Provisioning with Model Guardian (PDF)

The optional Service Provisioning add-in for Model Guardian does for managing a service-based architecture, much like TOGAF, that Model Guardian does for profile development. It provides a series of user interface tabs for

  • Developing a hierarchy of services, aka architectural requirements
  • Assigning services to service elements (any architectural element that either requires a service or provides it) as required and/or provided services
  • Managing the service provisions, i.e. the relationships of service clients, service providers, the links joining them, the service(s) being used in the relationship, and the lifecycle dates of all participants
  • Providing visual and textual representations of the status of the service provisions at different periods of time

Download the paper on Service Provisioning with Model Guardian for more information.

(EA)2 Enterprise Architecture Modeling Framework Built with Model Guardian (Powerpoint)

When running the presentation, you will be asked to enter a password or to run it in read-only mode. Choose the latter.

Installing and Running Model Guardian

Look at Installing and Running Model Guardian for current information about getting started.

Known Bugs

Look at Known Bugs for current information on any known bugs and their work arounds.