Model Guardian Editions

Model Guardian provides a modeling environment that you control. With it, you can ensure that all of the models within your organization take the same approach to creating their models. This consistency makes sharing and understanding the various models a reality. The knowledge embedded in the frameworks by your own experts and/or that of industry experts, guides your modelers in their day to day tasks.

Model Guardian comes in numerous editions to fit your need and budget.

Profile Editor The Profile Editor provides an intuitive user interface for building profiles to be used with Enterprise Architect. It is included with the Standard Profile Generator (SPG), the Extended Profile Generator (XPG), and the Combinbed Profile Generator (CPG) editions.
Standard Profile Generator (SPG)*

This edition generates the MDG XML files that can be imported into Enterprise Architect. The MDG XML file provides the toolboxes, quicklinks, and diagram types of your metamodel to Enterprise Architect.  The generated files can be freely provided to any Enterprise Architect user. If you define user roles in your profile, SPG will generate a profile for each role. See Profile Editor for more information.

Extended Profile Generator (XPG)*

This edition generates an extended profile that is used by the MG Runtime edition. It provides additional capabilities described in the MG Runtime edition section below. You will need the MG Runtime in order to use the output of the XPG.

Combined Profile Generator (CPG)* This edition generates both the MDG XML files and the extended profile to be used by the MG Runtime edition. It lets you freely distribute the toolboxes, quicklinks, and diagram types by role to all of your modelers, while distributing the extended profile to those who have the MG Runtime edition.
MG Runtime The MG Runtime Edition works with profiles developed by OAD or those modified and/or developed within your own organization using the CFE Edition. It is less expensive than the CFE Edition and should be given to the modelers who need to use your frameworks in their daily work.*
MG Utilities (MGU)

The MGU Edition provides numerous modeling tools that are independent of the frameworks, benefitting all modelers

* The Profile Generator editions include the features of the MG Runtime.